Testimony, Depositions & Expert Reports

Read about some of Mr. Rodgers’ sample testimony, depositions & expert reports below.

  1. Lorraine Rudolph v. Bank of America, North Carolina Superior Court, Case #02-CUS-6274. March 25, 2004, Trial testimony for defendant, plus Expert Summary of Findings admitted as evidence
  2. Patricia Edwards v. Fellers Snider, Blankenship, et. al, Oklahoma District Court, Case # CJ-2004-8502. June 6, 2006. Trial testimony and deposition for plaintiff
  3. Manufacturers & Traders Trust Company, Executor for the Estate of John Clarke Adams, Deceased. New York State Surrogate’s Court, Case # 00-2357. November 21, 2007. Trial testimony and Expert Report for Plaintiff.
  4. Melanie Rich Savu, et. al. v. SunTrust Banks, Georgia Superior Court, Case # 2005-CU-105471. January 12, 2007. Deposition for plaintiff
  5. Pomerantz, et. al. v. Northern Trust Bank of Florida, Florida Circuit Court Case # 02-015246 (08). Deposition for plaintiff
  6. Robert Bryant, et. al. v. SunTrust Banks, Superior Court of Chatham County Georgia, Case # V02-1084-AB. January 7, 2003. Deposition and Affidavit for plaintiff.
  7. Hinther v. Merrill Lynch Trust Company, Texas State Court. Case #4-04-CV-710Y. March 7, 2006. Expert Summary of Findings for defendant.
  8. Lee Joseph Petitjean, et. al. v. Hibernia National Bank. Louisiana State Court. January 29, 2008. Deposition and Report for defendant.
  9. Rahim Manji v. NWQ Investment Management, Inc. California Superior Court. Case # SC088837. November 15, 2007. Declaration for plaintiff
  10. Giffen v. First Tennessee Bank, N.A. Tennessee State Court. July 19, 2007. Expert report for defendant
  11. William A. Dougherty v. Wachovia Bank, N.A. Florida Circuit Court, Fifth Judicial circuit, Case # 2006-CA-5252. Expert Report for plaintiff.
  12. Jackson Kail v. KeyBank, N.A. Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Common Pleas court, Case # CV-07613350. Expert report for defendant.
  13. Orocia v. Border Capital Bank Texas State Court, Expert Report and Damage Model.
  14. Bank of America, N.A. v. Mary Loraine McCracken, et al, North Carolina State Court, Case Number 08 CV 01888. Consulting
  15. O’Hair v. Edgar County Bank & Trust Company, Illinois State Court, Deposition and trial testimony
  16. Ackley v. Comerica Bank, Florida State Court, Case No. 05-07CA-5011. Consulting
  17. Eula Crain v. First Federal Savings Bank, Kentucky State Court. Consulting
  18. Josephine Sullivan, et al. v. Regions Bank, Texas State Court, Expert Report & Deposition
  19. Felix Walton Jackson Trust Matter. South Carolina State Court, Expert Report and Deposition
  20. Donald B. Kaufman Trust Matter, California State Court. Consulting
  21. Noel Fuller/ Gamble & Livingston, LLC Trust Matter, South Carolina State Court.. Consulting and affidavit.