Litigation Consulting

Quite often beneficiaries of trusts have questions on the day to day administration of their trust by the trustee. After discussing their concerns with a trial lawyer or litigator, Mr. Rodgers is often called upon to review the fact and legal situation and advise the attorney and the beneficiary client on an appropriate course of action to redress the expressed concerns.

Dispute Resolution

Often a conference between the beneficiary and the trustee can be arranged to, hopefully, identify and resolve the various outstanding issues. Occasionally this may lead to an arbitration or mediation with Mr. Rodgers playing a role with the trust beneficiary and the attorney, or the trustee, to arrive at a mutually acceptable settlement.

The inability to settle outstanding issues may result in the filing of a complaint in state or Federal court and the instigation of litigation.

Hands-on Experience

Mr. Rodgers’ legal background, securities licenses and hands-on experience as a trustee and managing a bank trust department for six years can be of great assistance to both beneficiaries and trustees in their dispute resolution process.